Appendix [abc's of ELECTRONIC TEST PROBES (1966)]


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Probe Selection Chart

------- Probe type



High voltage (resistive)

High voltage (capacitive)

Low capacitance



Signal tracer

Hum-field tracing

Signal injector



Used with



vtvm vtvm vom oscilloscope oscilloscope vtvm oscilloscope signal tracer signal tracer equipment under test oscilloscope vtvm



Use in low-impedance, low-frequency circuits (such as B+) where added capacitance of shielded cable is of no consequence.

Isolates measuring instrument from circuit under test. Series resistance and cable capacitance act as low-pass filter to sharpen pips on response curves.

Extends high-voltage range of vtvm and vom to allow measurements of voltages to 50kv.

Permits oscilloscope observation of high voltage pulses and waveshapes in tv horizontal sweep and high-voltage circuits.

For testing in high-impedance, wide-band, high-frequency (to several Mhz) circuits, such as video, sync and sweep circuits, with minimum amount of circuit loading.

Rectifies and filters r-f signals (to several 100 Mhz) and provides a doc output proportional to the peak or peak-to-peak value.

For visual signal tracing in r-f, video, and sound i-f stage and for displaying i-f and video amplifier response curves.

To reduce circuit loading and detuning effect during signal tracing.

Used to explore interfering hum fields.

Permits rapid checking of a-f, i-f and r-f circuits by injecting a broad-band signal.

Probe is clipped around current-carrying conductor which permits current measurement without breaking into the circuit.

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