Technics Professional Series (Jan. 1977)

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Technics introduces components designed for professional use only.

The SE-9600P. Regulated stereo power amplifier with a lot more than just power. Like 100% constant-current and voltage power-supply regulation. Which means complete freedom from transient IM distortion. It also means high-level transients introduced in one channel won't affect the other. There's also only 0.08% IM distortion. A frequency response of 5 Hz to 150kHz (+0dB-3dB).

A S/N ratio of 110 dB. A 4-step damping factor control.

And 110 watts per channel, minimum RMS, into 8 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with no more than 0.08% total harmonic distortion.

The SU-9600P. The stereo preamplifier that performs as well as it looks. Starting with an unheard of magnetic phono overload tolerance of more than 1 1/3 volts (1350mV RMS at 3mV sensitivity). An equally impressive phono-2 S/N ratio of 76 dB (referred to 3mV input). Virtually nonexistent total harmonic distortion (0.02%). As well as bass and treble negative-feedback tone controls calibrated in 2.5 dB steps. With turnover pushbuttons at 125 Hz and 500 Hz as well as at 2kHz and 8kHz.

The SH-9090P. The Universal Frequency Equalizer that has no equal. You get 12 dB of boost or attenuation for 12 bands (10 Hz to 32 kHz). Plus the center frequency of each band can be continuously shifted by as much as ±1 octave. In addition, the bandwidth (Q) for each of the 12 bands is continuously variable from 0.7 to 7. The result: You have more control over response shaping than with any other single instrument. (Configuration: one in, one out.)

The SP-10MKII. In every respect, it's everything you want in a professional turntable. So much torque it only takes 0.25 of a second to reach the exact playing speed at 33 1/3 RPM. Our lowest wow and flutter (0.025% WRMS) and rumble (-70 dB DIN B). A quartz-locked frequency generator DC servo motor. And, of course, the reliability of Technics direct drive. The system that radio stations use.

And discos abuse. Supplied without tone arm.

Panasonic Company Technics Dept. 101 One Panasonic Way Secaucus, N.J. 07094 Attention: Sid Silver, Technical Service Specialist.

Technics by Panasonic Professional Series

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(Source: Audio magazine, Jan. 1977)

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