Hitachi's Class G amplifiers (Jan. 1978)

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Extra Power with Improved Efficiency Hitachi's Class G

Hitachi's Class G is one of the most incredible cost/performance amplifiers ever created.

It is about three times as efficient as the conventional Class B amplifier. And it looks as sophisticated as it sounds.

Simply expressed, Class G is two amps in one. During the musical "downs" and "averages" the primary amp works on the low-voltage amplifier. But let one of those musical peaks come along and the standby high-voltage amplifier cuts in for clear, powerful sound without clipping distortion.

Technically the standby amp consists of additional power transistors which are activated only when the signal peak demands it. But practically it means we can offer more usable power at a lower price.

Or in other words you're not only getting a little extra, you're getting about twice the amplification for the price of one amplifier.


When a company cares, it shows.

Audio Component Division, Hitachi Sales Corp. of America, 401 West Artesia Boulevard, Compton, CA 90220, USA.

(213) 537-8383, Extension 228


(Source: Audio magazine, Jan. 1978)

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