AR (Acoustic Research) AR-10π loudspeaker -- Advertisement (Feb. 1975)

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New from Acoustic Research

The AR-10π

A new standard of musical accuracy and an unprecedented degree of placement flexibility

Musical accuracy

The new AR-10π is the most accurate musical reproducer that Acoustic Research has ever built for use in the home.

It has been designed to deliver uniform flat energy response in most listening rooms. This means that the musical balance of the input signal will be accurately transmitted to the listener, and listeners in virtually all listening positions will hear the performance in the same way. A new tweeter and crossover network make this new standard of accuracy possible.

Speaker placement

Speaker placement in the listening room is of critical importance to the musical balance of the system.

That's why most speaker manufacturers give explicit instructions on exactly where their speakers must be placed for best results. The AR-10 pi however has been designed for maximum flexibility in this respect. It can operate in almost any location in your room with no sacrifice in accuracy.

The AR-10 π can be positioned against a wall, in a corner, or even in the middle of the room.

Simply resetting a single switch will ensure the right amount of bass energy for any position-something that is no possible with conventional loudspeaker designs or equalization techniques.

Acoustic Research has prepared a comprehensive description of the AR-10 pi speaker system. You can get a free copy by sending us the coupon below.

Acoustic Research

10 American Drive

Norwood, Massachusetts 02062 USA

Telephone: 617 769 4200

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1975)

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