Shure phono cartridges (advertisement, Feb. 1978)

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Even we were astounded at how difficult it is to find an adequate other-brand replacement stylus for a Shure cartridge. We recently purchased 241 random styli that were not manufactured by Shure, but were being sold as replacements for our cartridges. Only ONE of these 241 styli could pass the same basic production line performance tests that ALL genuine Shure styli must pass. But don't simply accept what we say here. Send for the documented test results we've compiled for you in data booklet # AL548. Insist an a genuine Shure stylus so that your cartridge will retain its original performance capability-and at the same time protect your records.

Manufacturers of high-fidelity components, microphones, sound systems and related circuitry.

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Shure cartridges perform like Shure "critics' samples"

Whether you purchase your Shure cartridge in Evanston, Illinois or Evanston, Wyoming, in Osaka, Sydney, London, Lima or Casablanca ... you can be confident it will perform well within its stated specifications. Independent critics around the world buy Shure cartridges off dealers' shelves and subject them to rigorous tests. We have built our reputation on an unwavering uniformity and strict adherence to the high standards of our Master Quality Control Program.


Shure's painstaking Master Quality Control Program insures that every Shure cartridge and stylus will perform as well as our laboratory reference units.

And each cartridge must meet or exceed its published specifications. All critical performance tests are imposed on 100% of all Shure V15 Type III cartridges and styli, including (a) frequency response for each channel, (b) output level, (c) channel balance, (d) crosstalk between channels, (e) trackability, and (f) anti-collapse assurance. Fact is, Shure quality control is state-of-the-art.


Every Shure V15 Type III cartridge must display exceptionally flat frequency response over the audible spectrum. Each is individually tested to be within 3/4 dB from flat frequency response for each channel. This limit is actually more demanding than the envelope shown. Those that fail this stringent frequency response test are rejected. And only those cartridges that pass Shure's intensive Quality Control Tests make it to your local Hi-Fi Store.


Shure pioneered the trackability concept over a decade ago in response to the need for a single relevant measurement of total cartridge and stylus performance. Trackability has been accepted by audio authorities as the definitive measure of how well a cartridge and stylus perform on today's increasingly "hot" recordings. Every Shure V15 Type III cartridge must pass extensive trackability tests.

Send for High Fidelity Catalog AL210T.

outperforms the best of the rest:


Shure Brothers Inc., 222 Hartrey Ave., Evanston, IL 60204, USA

Manufacturers of high fidelity components, microphones, sound systems and related circuitry.

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1978, )

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