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Why Yamaha speakers sound better than all the others. Even before you hear them.

To make a speaker that produces accurate sound is not simple. It requires painstaking attention to detail, precise craftsmanship, and advanced technology.

And that's where Yamaha comes in. We build all our speakers with the utmost precision in every detail.

As the premier examples of Yamaha loudspeaker craftsmanship, read what goes into the two speakers shown, the NS-69011 and the NS-1000M. Then you'll understand why Yamaha loudspeakers sound better.

Even before you hear them.

Precision Yamaha crafted cabinetry -- (1) The walls on these, and all Yamaha speaker cabinets, are sturdily braced and cross-braced at every possible stress point. (2) The corner seam craftsmanship is so fine that it looks like the cabinet is made from one continuous piece of wood.

The back panels on these speakers are flush-mounted for maximum air volume within the cabinet. (3) Inside, a 3/4" felt lining "decouples" the cabinet from the drivers to achieve acoustic isolation of the woofer from the cabinet. (4) Thick glass-wool also aids in damping the woofer for maximum performance.

Lift one of these Yamaha speakers. It's uncommonly heavy and sturdy. (5) We even glue and screw the woofer cutout from the baffle to the inside rear panel for greater cabinet rigidity.

Now knock on the cabinet. It will sound as solid and substantial as it is.

Precision Yamaha Drivers (6) The drivers are mounted on computer-cut baffle boards with exacting, critical tolerances to insure precision fit. All Yamaha speakers are acoustic suspension design, and this precise fit is critical for an airtight seal and optimum woofer recovery.

The drivers on these, and all Yamaha speakers, are flush-mounted on the baffle board to avoid unwanted diffraction of the sound waves. (7) This is especially important because all our tweeters and mid-high range drivers are the maximum dispersion dome type for the most natural reproduction of voice and instruments.

(8) We use chrome-plated machine screws (rather than wood screws) with two washers (regular and lock) to insure an unyielding mounting.

(9) The speaker frames shown are die cast rather than stamped. That's so they won't twist and alter the voice coil alignment during assembly and use.

Other Precision extras All terminals are quick connect, screw-mounted assemblies.

(10) The wire leads are carefully soldered, not clipped.

All our speakers use full LRC crossover networks.

These crossover networks are among the most advanced available.

Precision that stands alone --

There's more. Much more. But, there is another fact of Yamaha loudspeaker construction that simply stands alone in the industry. Each component used in the two Yamaha speakers shown is manufactured by Yamaha. From the hefty die-cast speaker frames to the unique, ultra low mass beryllium dome diaphragm.

That's a statement no other manufacturer can make.

And therein lies Yamaha's story. If we put this much care and craftsmanship into the making of our components and cabinet structures, then imagine the care, precision and craftsmanship that go into the quality of the final sound. A sound built upon Yamaha's unique 98-year heritage as the world's largest and most meticulous manufacturer of musical instruments. From our most economical loudspeaker to our top-of-the-line models shown here, Yamaha retains the same attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Look before you listen. You'll be convinced that Yamaha loudspeakers sound better than the rest.

Even before you turn them on. Then ask for a personal demonstration of these and other Yamaha loudspeakers at your Yamaha Audio Specialty Dealer, listed in the Yellow Pages.

Or write us: Yamaha, Audio Div., PO. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622, USA.

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