Sony PS-4300 direct-drive turntable -- advertisement (March 1977)

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With Sony's new PS-4300, you just sit back and enjoy the ride. Wherever the record takes you.

That's the blissful simplicity of a fully automatic turntable.

But the PS-4300 is more than purely practical. We like to think of it as a model union: combining the convenient and the complex.

It is a profoundly engineered machine, with intelligent design slashing through down to the smallest detail.

We gave brushes the brush.

The motor that powers the PS-4300 is brushless and slot less. Direct drive, if you will.

This deceptively simple construction makes for a smooth-running motor with less friction and noise than traditional DC motors. And it eliminates cogging.

What's more, this smooth- running motor is monitored by a smoothly-engineered 8-pole magnetic pick-up head. And our magnetic speed sensor works through an intricate electronic feedback system; driving the platter directly-without a jumble of belts and pulleys getting in the way.

So our torque is not a turkey, and we've got low wow and flutter and high speed stability to boot.

An electric eye. For your ear.

Hands off the PS-4300! Our optical sensing system automatically returns the arm when your record is over.

Optical sensing is light years ahead of the conventional mechanical linkage. Eliminating the pressure and distortion you'd ordinarily get at the end of a record.

A tone-arm that's a strong arm.

Now we're not calling anyone clumsy. But there is the chance you might make a mistake and grab hold of the tone-arm while it's in motion.

That's why the PS-4300 has a tone-arm that's more than just statically balanced. It comes with a protective clutch device. (The only clutch you'll find on our fully automatic turntable.)

This latching set-up protects your arm against too much strain.

Moving from arms to feet, ours are designed to cut feedback. They're rubber-soled: suspended by cup-shaped rubber shock absorbers.

And they're adjustable, letting you level the turntable. So you might say our feet come with elevator shoes.

Our vibration-reducers are great shakes.

Sometimes the cabinet itself can vibrate-distorting what comes out of it.

Not so with the PS-4300. Our cabinet is built out of a material with a low Q. Low Q materials hardly vibrate, and nobody watches their P's and Q's like Sony.

Even our platter has been undercoated with a damping material.

And what looks like a bad case of acne on our record mat is a series of bumps that provide an air cushion and absorb vibration.

An exercise in self-control.

You can see that we've covered just about everything when we created the PS-4300.

Even the cover.

Our dust cover is ingeniously simple. When closed, it leaves the controls accessible.

And what controls they are! One-touch, LED-indicated switches for start/stop and repeat.

One light tap starts everything going, while your record, under the dust cover, is in splendid isolation.

So if what you're looking for is an unmatched fully automatic direct drive turntable, drive on over to Sony.


©1977 Sony Corp. of America. Sony, 9 W 57 St. NY, N.Y., 10019. SONY is a trademark of Sony Corp.

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(Source: Audio magazine, March 1977;)

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