Technics SL- series direct-drive turntables -- Advertisement (March 1977)

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Only Technics gives you the world's most precise drive system all these ways.

Technics direct drive. Radio stations use it. Discos abuse it. And now you can get it in virtually any kind of turntable you want. Because Technics puts direct drive into more kinds of turntables than anyone else.

You'll find it in three manuals that start at under $200* with the SL-1500. Or for a little more money you can get a lot more convergence with our newest turntable, the semi-automatic SL-1400.The world's first turntable with a one-chip 321 element IC. That gets the platter to exact speed in only 1/3 of a revolution. There is also the fully automatic single disc SL-1300. And the world's first direct-drive changer, the SL-1350. But there's a lot more to Technics direct drive than just more kinds of turntable. There's also more precision, better performance SL-1200 and greater reliability.

Because in our direct-drive system *.The platter is an extension of the motor shaft. That means there arena any belts, gears or idlers to produce variations. Direct Drive in speed. And that means all our turntables have less System than 0.03% wow and flutter (WRMS), 0.04% for the SL-1350).

You'll also find an electronically controlled DC motor that spins at exactly 33 1/3 or 45 RPM. Regardless of fluctuations in AC line voltage or frequency. What's more, unlike high-speed, rumble-producing. motors, our motor introduces so little vibration into the system that any rumble remains inaudible (-70 dB DIN B).

And it doesn't matter which Technics turntable yon. choose. Because they all have the extras you need. Like variable pitch controls. A built-in stroboscope. Viscous-damped cueing.

Feedback-insulated legs. As well as a dust cover and integral base.

So if you want a turntable good enough for professionals, get the turntables radio stations use and discos abuse. Technics direct drive.

* Suggested retail price (1977!!!).

Technics by Panasonic

(Source: Audio magazine, March 1977)

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