Carver TX-11 FM Stereo Tuner ad (March 1985)

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Never, in the history of audio, has response to a tuner equaled the acclaim received by the CARVER TX-11 FM Stereo Tuner with the Asymmetrical Charge Coupled FM Stereo Detector.

"Breakthrough in FM tuner performance: Carver TX-11.”

The significance of its design can only be fully appreciated by setting up the unit, tuning to the weakest, most unacceptable stereo signals you can find, then pushing those two magic buttons.

"Separation was still there; only the background noise had been diminished, and with it, much of the sibilance and hiss edginess so characteristic of multi path interference."

"A tuner which long-suffering fringe area residents and those plagued by multi-path distortion and interference have probably been praying for."--- Leonard Feldman, Audio (December, 1982)

"It is by a wide margin the best tuner we have tested to date."

"What distinguishes the TX-11 is its ability to pull clean noise-free sound out of weak or multi-path ridden signals that would have you lunging for the mono switch on any other tuner we know of" ---High Fidelity (January, 1983)

"...enjoy the music and forget about noise and distortion: "under conditions of weak signal stereo reception the effectiveness is almost magical." --- Ovation (December 1982)

"A major advance... "

"Its noise reduction for stereo reception ranged from appreciable to tremendous."

"It makes the majority of stereo signals sound virtually as quiet as mono signals, yet it does not dilute the stereo effect.” --- Julian D. Hirsch, Stereo Review(December, 1982)

Audition this superlative instrument incorporating Bob Carver's latest circuit refinements at your authorized CARVER dealer.

And Now... If you have substantially invested in another stereo FM tuner-or perhaps in a receiver-you will appreciate the CARVER TX1-11.

The TX1-11 embodies Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled technology in a sophisticated add-on high fidelity component.

For a 20 dB improvement of the stereo quieting (that's 10 times quieter!) and a 10dB improvement in multi path noise reduction, simply connect the CARVER TX1-11 between your FM stereo tuner and the pre-amplifier or through the tape monitor/external processor loop of present system. Hear fully separated stereo FM reception with space, depth and ambience-only hiss, noise and distortion is eliminated.


P.O. Box 1237. Lynnwood. WA 98036


(Source: Audio magazine, March. 1985)

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