Garrard GT35 turntable (advertisement, April 1978)

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Why you should consider the new Garrard GT35 if you're thinking Dual or B.I.C.

We'll say it straight out. The new Garrard GT35 is the best all-around turntable anywhere near its price.

Let's do some direct comparing.

Start with the motor. The Dual 1245 features a fine 8 pole, synchronous motor and the B I.C. 981, a 24 pole, synchronous unit.

The new Garrard GT35 incorporates a servo-controlled, DC motor. Servo control provides absolutely steady speed. The motor, (and thus the rotation of the platter), is immune to fluctuations in household voltage or frequency.

Len Feldman, writing in Radio Electronics, reviewed it as a "significant breakthrough" superior to the "synchronous motor however many poles it might have" The GT35 is the only, belt-driven, single/multiple play turntable in the world with a servo-controlled, DC motor.

Chalk one up for the new Garrard GT35.

Now for the tonearm. Remember that the delicate stylus, as it traces the groove, bears the full weight of the tonearm. The heavier the tone arm, the greater the wear on the record and stylus. Light is right.

The effective mass of the GT35 tonearm (measured with a Shure M95ED cartridge, tracking at 1 1/4 grams) is a mere 20.4 grams. That's lighter than the tonearm of the Dual 1245 at 27.5 grams or the B.I.C. 981 at 25.6 grams. In fact, the new Garrard GT35 has the lightest tone arm of any single/multiple play turntable.

Chalk up one more for the Garrard GT35.

The Dual, B.I.C. and Garrard all protect your records as only fully automatic turntables can. And all provide the convenience of multiple play. But only the new GT35 boasts the patented Delglide system. Unlike the Dual and B.I.C. automatic mechanisms, Delglide is driven by its own belt and is located directly under the tonearm.

Tone arm control is by simple rotary action. It's no wonder that Radio Electronics said, "... the pick-up arm is handled more gently than could new be done by the steadiest of hands" We make this claim: Delglide is the smoothest and quietest automatic system ever incorporated in a turntable of any kind.

That's still another one for the new GT35.

There's more. The Dual 1245 and the B.I.C. 981 are warranted for 2 years. The new Garrard GT35 carries an unprecedented 3 year warranty That's our way of underscoring its exceptional reliability.

Finally. The price advertised by the manufacturer. Including the base and dust cover, the Dual 1245 is $240 and the B.I.C. 981, $237 The price of the new Garrard GT35: just $219.95.

The GT35: a "breakthrough" motor, the lightest tonearm, the smoothest and quietest automatic system and a 3 year warranty.

Consider the GT35. If you're thinking Dual, or B.I.C. Or Technics.

Or Pioneer. Or Sony. Or...


The turntable specialist.

For a free brochure, write: Garrard, Division of Plessey Consumer Products, Dept. C 100 Commercial Street, Plainview, N.Y. 11803.

(Source: Audio magazine, Apr. 1978 )

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