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Proton -- Hear What You've Been Hissing

---Proton's acclaimed 40 Series Audio Components top to bottom: D940 Stereo Receiver with DPD, 440 Stereo Tuner, 0540 Stereo Amplifier with DPD, 740 Stereo Cassette Deck and the 830R Compact Disc Player.

----- Proton's DPD Amp sustains power 20x longer

Introducing DPD from Proton

If you're running that terrific new CD player off an amplifier or receiver that's three to five years old, you're missing out on a great deal of clean, uncompromising sound. Most amps of that vintage just can't create the extra headroom that's necessary for accurate digital reproduction. Every time the music hits a peak, your amp will be gasping for breath. And you'll definitely hear about it. Unless you have a Proton 40 Series amplifier or receiver with our exclusive, patented DPD circuitry.

Reserve power in an instant

DPD stands for Dynamic Power on Demand. Designed for the increased demands of today's digital audio discs and hi-fi video sound, it utilizes a sophisticated, dual power supply which acts as a power reserve. During musical peaks, it delivers up to four times the amplifier's rated power for an amazing six dB of headroom. And DPD handles these boosts much more smoothly.

Plus, DPD sustains that dynamic power up to 400 milliseconds. More than enough time for you to hear all the crisp, clean transient response you've been missing. From the pluck of a cello. To the crash of a cymbal. As faithfully as if they were being performed live.

Best of all, DPD gives you all of this extra power without your having to pay the extra price for a much larger amplifier.

So if you want totally uncompromising digital sound, you can't afford to compromise with your system. That's why you need Proton with DPD. With anything else, you'll be missing out.

For the Proton Audio/Video Dealer nearest you, call (800) 772-0172 In California, (800) 428-1006.

(Source: Audio magazine )

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