Revox B226 CD player (advertisement, Apr. 1987)

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Revox B226: Digital at the Vanishing Point

Connect a new Revox B226 CD player to a very high quality home audio system. Load it with a superbly recorded disc. Sit back, press "play" on the IR remote control ... and something peculiar happens.

The B226 virtually disappears.

What you hear is pure music. Nothing added, nothing taken away. No harshness, no grittiness, no coloration, no shrinking, no softening, no etching. Nothing except all the depth, dynamics, and subtle nuances of a live musical performance.

This "vanishing act" does not come easily For ex ample, the B226 transport chassis is made from solid die-cast aluminum alloy to provide long-term stability.

The entire mechanism is suspended on damped isolation mounts to minimize potential problems from vibration or resonance.

Also, the B226 incorporates the newest generation of European-developed LSI chips for D-A conversion, interpolation, error correction, and digital filtering. Resolution is full 16-bit, with quadruple oversampling and dual D-A converters for precise phase linearity. New adaptive error correction selects the best error correction strategy (from 60 possibilities) to greatly improve performance on dirty or damaged discs.

In the crucial analog output stages, Revox uses strictly professional grade components. B226 circuit boards meet the same performance and reliability standards as boards made for our Studer professional mastering recorders. Little wonder, since both come from the same plant in the Black Forest of West Germany.

Essentially, then, the B226 delivers a purity and transparency of sound that challenges "custom con version" units. But without sacrificing convenience and flexibility.

With Revox you still get full programmability of virtually every imaginable function, plus digital outputs for audio or auxiliary data, fixed and adjustable audio outputs with ample voltage for directly driving power amps, and the convenience of infrared remote control with multi-room capability.

For a convincing demonstration, visit your nearest authorized Revox dealer. Slip your favorite CD into a B226, sit back, and listen to digital audio at the vanishing point.

STUDER-REVOX. 1425 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210


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