Marantz 940 speaker system (May 1978, magazine ad)

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Ultimately, It's Marantz. Go For It.

Drums-Cellos-Trumpets instead of ... DrumCselloTsrumpets.

Because what you're getting is the sharpest, cleanest instrument definition you've ever heard from any speaker system.

Through ordinary speakers, music is a sound of instruments jumbled together. Yet listen to the same music played through a Marantz 940 speaker system. The difference is amazing! The music comes out exactly the way it went in--instrument by instrument.

At the heart of the Marantz 940 is the most sophisticated crossover network ever developed.

Most competitive systems have only two separate level controls in their crossover network, with no inductors. Marantz gives you three level controls with six inductors! So you get more circuitry for precise crossover points. The result: a flat frequency response with smooth transition of the frequency ranges between woofer, mid-range and high frequency loudspeakers, combining all of those cleanly defined instruments into a brilliant, meticulous blend.

And, to do the job of bringing forth each individual instrument within the divided frequencies, Marantz designs and builds more expensive, more sophisticated transducers.

Marantz woofers, for example.

The big bass drum is heard in all its glory because Marantz builds woofers with a rigid new cone material-rigid enough to withstand ten times the force that can destroy a light airplane. This superior structural strength enables the cone to move in an ideal piston-like motion, instead of bending.

Which means a tight, low frequency response and uncolored sound quality.

The human voice--the most difficult sound to reproduce--takes on flesh and blood realism. Because the Marantz 5-inch mid-range cone transducer blends precisely with both woofer and tweeter elements. And it's completely sealed off in its own enclosure. Vibrations produced by the woofer (like the big bass drum) can't shake up midrange reproduction.

Even crystal-shattering trumpets are a total reality thanks to the exclusive linear polyester film domes on the tweeters. The lighter weight film responds faster to high frequency vibrations: also, the small dome shape of the tweeters disperses high frequencies over a wide area. No matter where you are in the room you hear the same sound.

Is it possible to perfect the sound even further?

Yes ... with our exclusive Vari-Q* feature. It's a high density removable foam plug. Plug in, the system is "air suspension"-ideal for movie albums.

Symphonies. Jazz. Folk. Pull the plug out and the system is "ported" to give the gutsiest low end for today's electronic rock.

Outside and inside the Marantz 940 is a work of art--the top of the Marantz Design Series. The elegant furniture styling is magnificent. The sound-all you could wish for. The truest musical sound you've ever heard from any speaker, anywhere.

Your Marantz dealer has the Model 940 as well as the full line of Marantz Design Series Speaker Systems, Marantz High Definition Speaker Systems and Marantz Mark II Speaker Systems. If you want the best--and are willing to spend a little more to get it--then go for it. Go for Marantz.

Go for Marantz.

(Source: Audio magazine, May 1978)

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