Sony Audio (microphones) (Ad, May 1978)

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Take a look at what's taking the industry by storm. The Back Electret, another giant step forward from Sony.

Never before has it been possible for thin polyester film to be used in electret condenser microphones.

That's because polyester film, acknowledged as the best material for microphone diaphragms, just can't hold a static charge for a long duration.

But Sony's engineers have made the impossible, possible.

They've found a way to adhere the electret material directly to the back plate of the microphone. By thus putting the charge on the back plate, we are able to use polyester film in the diaphragm.

The result will be obvious to your ears. Clearly superior sound quality, without particular coloration in the upper frequency range. The low mass diaphragm means better transient characteristics over the entire frequency range.

You can find the Back Electret in four Sony microphones:

ECM-56F $220; ECM-65F $210; ECM-33F $165; and ECM-23F $100.

But you don't have to look at Back Electrets to see why Sony is ahead.


Sony's microphone line is thoroughly complete. It ranges from professional condenser to semi-professional to microphones for public address, vocalists, and outdoor use. There's omni and uni-directional. And we think it's big of us to make sophisticated miniatures.

And all microphones are available with Phantom Power, battery operated, or both.

So if you need something to talk into, it makes a lot of sense to talk to Sony. Write to: Sony, 714 Fifth Avenue, Dept. TK, New York, NY 10019.


© 1978 Sony Corp. of America. Sony, 9 W. 57 St., N.Y., N.Y. 10019. SONY is a trademark of Sony Corp.

(Source: Audio magazine, May 1978)

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