Mitsubishi DP-EC1 direct-drive turntable (June 1977)

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What's 3 years of a man's life worth?

That's what you're looking at Three years.

Because that's how long it took our Katsuzo Hiramatsu to develop the Mitsubishi Logic Control Turntable at the right.

Hiramatsu, you see, didn't just invent a better turntable. He actually created a whole new state of the art. Starting from the ground up. Probing areas that few people had ever looked into before.

First, he investigated basic audio performance. He learned that, with the exception of the cartridge, the tone arm has more influence on sound quality than any other component in a turntable.

So he researched tone arm materials and configurations until he discovered the ideal combination: A tubular stainless steel tone arm isolated from the counterweight by butyl rubber. Thus completely eliminating a phenomenon that plagues nearly all other turntables: counterweight-induced resonance in the 150 Hz range.

Next, he looked at drive systems for the turntable's heavy platter. Here, too, he utilized another ideal combination. A frequency generator control system for accurate speed combined with a high-torque, direct-drive motor for fast start-up and virtually undetectable speed fall-off under load. And because the motor operates at 33 1/3 or 45 rpm instead of the conventional 1500 rpm, vibration is almost nonexistent.

Finally, even the turntable mat came under Hiramatsu's scrutiny. He discovered that the mat has a considerable effect on low-frequency response. And he adjusted thickness, density, and compliance for optimum matching with the low-frequency characteristics of the tone arm.

So, even without the logic control system, Katsuzo Hiramatsu's new turntable would be a superb instrument.

But with the electronic logic control system for automatic speed selection and tone arm operation, it becomes a foolproof instrument as well.

And you should hear it for yourself. You should hear it through our equally impressive Mitsubishi dual-monaural power amplifier and preamplifier, driving one of our five available Mitsubishi high-performance speaker systems.

Your dealer will be happy to audition them for you anytime you ask.

And if you ask that he put a dollar figure on Hiramatsu's efforts, he will tell you that the Mitsubishi DP-EC1 Logic Control Turntable carries a price tag triple that of some lesser turntables.

Which, when you consider what went into it, probably makes the DP-EC1 one of the greatest bargains in the store.


For more information write: Melco Sales, Inc., Dept A, 3030 East Victoria Street, Compton, California 90221.

(Source: Audio magazine, June 1977)

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