Optonica turntable (ad, June 1977)

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The first turntable that's as steady as a rock.

Turntables shouldn't cause howling and screeching through the night. But that's exactly what happens, thanks to mechanical and acoustic feedback caused by loudspeakers vibrating an insecure turntable.

Since most turntable bases have been made of laminated plywood, beech, die-casting or plastic, howling has been a problem that just wouldn't go away.

Until today. that is.

Announcing the Optonica RP-3636 Direct Drive Turntable. We built the ideal turntable, literally as solid as a rock because it's built on 15.8 pounds of Mikage granite stone. Which means that vibrations from the speakers are absorbed, reducing acoustical feedback and maintaining maximum signal to noise ratio.

The Optonica RP-3636 also features a highly sensitive S-shaped tonearm. Which means that the stylus will pick up subtle sound signals as accurately as the cutter stylus that recorded them. And an oil-damped cueing control that gently lifts and lowers the tonearm so your records will be protected from damage.

We invite you to test the Optimum turntable at one of the select audio dealers now carrying the full line of Optonica stereo components Call toll-free 800-447-4700 day or night; In Illinois dial 1-800-322-4400), for the name and address of your nearest Optonica showroom, where you can see the complete Optonica line and pick up your free copy of our catalog.

Or for further information, write: Optonica, Dept.T6C, 10 Keystone Place, Paramus, New Jersey 07652, USA.

From our unique turntable built as steady as a rock to our cassette deck that automatically finds your selections, find out why throughout Europe and Japan. Optonica is one of the fastest selling lines of stereo components on the market today.


(Source: Audio magazine, June 1977)

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