Jensen Lifestyle Speaker (Ad, July 1978)

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An inside look at Jensen's Total Energy Response.

You're looking at the heart of one of the most uniformly accurate sound reproducers made today. A Jensen Lifestyle Speaker.

Unlike many speakers that require special on -axis listening positions-or others that bounce the sound all over your room-Lifestyle is engineered to deliver a wide spectrum of musical information throughout the listening area. In proper perspective. With all the depth and imaging your source material is capable of. And at real-life volume levels. That's what Total Energy Response is all about.

In fact, for perfectly integrated speaker systems and total quality control, we make every element that goes into the manufacture of our Lifestyle speakers. From the heavy duty magnets to our hand-wound, high power voice coils. Even the computer-designed crossover network. And of course, all of our precision woofers, midrange drivers and 170° dispersion dome tweeters.

But please, give a critical listen to these speakers in person. We think you'll agree, a notably superior design concept has resulted in audibly superior sound reproduction.

JENSEN--Division of Pemcor, Inc.

Schiller Park, Illinois 60176, USA

(Source: Audio magazine, July 1978)

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