JVC Quartz-locked turntables (advertisement, July 1978)

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First we invented it. Now we've made it more precise than ever.

The turntable evolution comes full-swing with the introduction of the new JVC Quartz turntable series. Since we introduced the world's first Quartz-controlled turntable in 1974, we've been constantly refining the ultra-precision oscillator circuits and improving the characteristics of our motor drive system. We've also added a host of details that offer a wide choice of features spread over eight different models. And we can now honestly state that JVC speed and accuracy are near absolute.

Here's why:


The need to detect minute variations in platter speed and to send corrective information to the electronic circuits controlling platter rotation is inherent in a servo system. Our quartz-controlled drive mechanism provides practically perfect speed accuracy; the Super Servo additionally reduces the error in detecting even the tiniest speed variations to nearly zero. We therefore make doubly sure that the platter is "on speed," and will retain this factory -set accuracy over many long years of use.


Quick-start and quick-stop, along with high torque are combined in the DC direct-drive servomotors in all JVC Quartz-Locked turntables. The powerful motor-drive system and its companion speed-monitoring circuits reduce wow-and-flutter as well as speed drift, practically to the vanishing point. In addition, extra care has been taken to make sure that motor related resonances have been completely damped-out.


Our exclusive rugged unipivot gimbal support holds the tone arm's total mass in a way that is friction-free. Highly sensitive and responsive, it prevents the stylus from losing contact with the record groove walls, no matter how rough that "ride" may be. And it's included on almost all JVC Quartz turntables-even the automatics. The JVC developed Tracing-Hold tone arm provides the stability and tracing accuracy needed for the cartridge to follow even the most complex record grooves without tracking error.

All of this, plus features like digital speed readout, quick stop and start, top quality solidly constructed bases and electronic switching mechanisms all work together to give you more musical pleasure than ever before.

There are totally manual models, as well as ones with auto-tonearm lift-up/stop, auto-return and fully automatic features.

Bring the precision of QL accuracy into your music system. See all these precisely great turntables at your JVC dealer soon.

JVC America Company, Division of US JVC Corp., 58-75 Queens Midtown Expressway, Maspeth, N.Y. 11378.

JVC -- We build in what the others leave out.

Above: OL -F4 (featured at left), Below: QL-10, QL-A7, QL-7 (top row), QL-50, OL -5. QL-A2 (bottom row). Not shown QL-B (Quartz), JL-F30, JL-A20 ( Belt Drive).

(Source: Audio magazine, Jul. 1978 )

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