Dual 12xx series turntables (advertisement, Aug. 1977)

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Now the world's finest tonearm starts at less than $135.

Complete with drive system.

Introducing Dual's three new fully automatic turntables.

You don't have to wait till someday to play your records with the world's finest tonearm. A gimbal mounted Dual tonearm. You can afford one right now.

We have designed into our lowest-priced turntable, the new 1237, the very same tonearm (and drive system) formerly available only on our highest-priced models.

Advantages of the four-point gimbal suspension.

If you're not familiar with the gimbal, it's understandable. Few other tonearms, at any price, have one--despite its widely acknowledged superiority.

A true four-point gimbal centers, balances and pivots the tonearm mass at the precise intersection of the vertical and horizontal axes. The tonearm maintains the perfect balance in all planes essential for optimum tracking.

The Dual gimbal employs identical pairs of tempered and finely-honed needle-point bearings, each set in miniature ball-bearings. During assembly, each gimbal is individually tested and adjusted to assure that bearing friction will be no more than 0.008 gram vertically and 0.016 gram horizontally. (If there were a cartridge that could track at forces as low as 0.25 gram, this tonearm would do full justice to it.) Further, the straight-line tubular design (for maximum rigidity and lowest mass) and the settings for zero balance, tracking force and anti-skating are, like the gimbal, identical in every Dual tonearm. The tone arm establishes and maintains the correct cartridge to-groove geometry, and allows the stylus to trace the groove contours freely, precisely and with the lowest practical force. In short, flawless tracking.

Advantages of the Vario-belt drive system.

Another important inheritance is the Vario-belt drive system. This drive system comprises a high-torque synchronous motor, a precision-machined Vario pulley, a precision-ground belt and a machine balanced, die-cast platter. The Vario-pulley simply expands and contracts for reliable fine-speed adjustments. There are no complicated mechanics or electronic circuitry, which add nothing but cost.

Versatility and reliability too.

We've just described the qualities of the new Dual fully automatic line that will make your records sound better and last longer. But there's more. For versatility, you have fully automatic and manual start and stop, plus provision for multiple play. And cue-control damped in both directions. Plus pitch-control, rotating single-play spindle and multi-scale anti-skating.

Everything we've described applies to the 1237, which is, incredibly enough, our lowest-priced model.

And where the 1237 ends, the 1241 and 1245 begin.

With an even higher degree of performance. And very handsome, contemporary, low-profile bases.

One further point. All Dual turntables are ruggedly built. They need not be babied, by you or anyone else in your family. As any Dual owner can tell you, they are designed to last for years and years and years.

Now we suggest that you visit your favorite audio dealer and see first hand what Dual engineering is all about. You may then wonder why no other manufacturer puts so much care and precision into a turntable.

The answer is simply this. For more than seventy-five years, craftsmanship of the very highest order has been a way of life with the Dual people in the Black Forest. As nowhere else in the entire world.

Dual 1237: less than $135; base and cover less than $30 additional.

Dual 1241: less than $200, including deluxe base and cover.

Dual 1245: less than $230, including deluxe base and cover.

Other Duals priced up to $400. Actual resale prices are determined by and at the sole discretion of authorized Dual dealers.

United Audio Products, 120 So. Columbus Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 10553, USA

Exclusive U.S. Distribution Agency for Dual


(Source: Audio magazine, Aug. 1977 )

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