Decca Record Brush (ad, Sept. 1976)

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Why the only easy way to keep your new records new …

… is to use the Decca Record Brush

Most record cleaning devices consist of a fibrous pad or brush-like material which, in conjunction with water or a chemical compound, do a reasonably good job of keeping records clean. All of these devices, however, suffer from two critical drawbacks which prevent them from keeping your new records new.

First, they do nothing about the static problem. As you remove a new record from its jacket, it becomes charged with static which attracts tiny dust particles in the air like a magnet. While the record plays, a static charge builds up between the diamond stylus and the vinyl record surface. Sufficient static buildup causes discharge to occur. This rapid charge/discharge process produces frequent enough discharges to create a continuous series of tiny pops while the record is playing.

The result is a high enough level of background noise to make the low noise qualities of expensive turntables and amplifiers wasted on your records.

Second, fibre/liquid devices do not remove dust but convert it to tiny grit deposits which form in the record grooves. When liquid is applied to dust, the resulting mixture is grit. This grit formation in the record grooves erodes the stylus and causes distortion. Chemical cleaners go one step further. They gradually eat away at the vinyl mouldings of which record grooves are made, changing the original shape of the grooves and causing your record to suffer from permanent audible distortion.

The Decca Record Brush is conceptually very simple. It consists of one million tiny bristles. Bristles so fine that 1000 of them enter each record groove to completely remove dust and dirt--without any liquid of any kind.

Each bristle is electrically conductive. Before playing a record, a few seconds with the Decca Record Brush ensures removal of all static charges which have built up between the stylus and record or record and record jacket. Thus, no discharges and a significantly lower level of background noise-and no risk of stylus or record deterioration which liquid cleaners present.

Physically and audibly, you want your new records to stay new. Decca Record Brush is the only easy way to keep them that way. Decca Record Brush--from the people who know more than anyone else in the world about record production, reproduction and care.

ROCELCO INC. 160 Ronald Dr., Montreal, Canada H4X 1 M8. Phone: (514) 489-6842

(Audio magazine, Sept. 1976)

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