Empire Scientific phono cartridges (advertisement, Sept. 1977)

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Empire's Blueprint for Better Listening

No matter what system you own, a new Empire phono cartridge is certain to improve its performance.

The advantages of Empire are threefold.

One, your records will last longer. Unlike other magnetic cartridges, Empire's moving iron design allows our diamond stylus to float free of its magnets and coils. This imposes much less weight on the record surface and insures longer record life.

Two, you get better separation. The small, hollow iron armature we use allows for a tighter fit in its positioning among the poles. So, even the most minute movement is accurately reproduced to give you the space and depth of the original recording.

Three, Empire uses 4 poles, 4 coils, and 3 magnets (more than any other cartridge) for better balance and hum rejection.

The end result is great listening. Audition one for yourself or write for our free brochure, "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Records”

After you compare our performance specifications we think you'll agree that, for the money, you can't do better than Empire


Already your system sounds better.

Empire Scientific Corp.

Garden City, New York 11530, USA

(Source: Audio magazine, Sept. 1977)

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