ADC TONEARMS (Advertisement, Sept. 1978)

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We chose carbon fiber because of its low mass to high tensile strength ratio. We further lowered the mass by abandoning the traditional tubular shape and engineering the fully tapered profile.

The combination of an LMF tonearm and a fine cartridge will not interact with typical building resonant frequencies or with typical record warp frequencies.

Cueing is viscous damped in both directions and tracking forces are calibrated in 1/10th gram increments. Anti-skate adjustments are variable to 2 grams.

The LMF tonearms each come with three counterweights to enable you to achieve zero balance with minimum tonearm mass, regardless of the weight of your favorite cartridge. Even up to 11 grams. LMF tonearms utilize instrument type stainless steel ball bearings, factory adjusted for maximum stability and low friction angular contact.

The LMF-1 has an integrated head for lowest mass. The LMF-2 has a removable head. This allows changing of pre-mounted cartridges in seconds. Both tonearms permit the use of the highest compliance cartridges with lowest tracking forces.

Only better audio dealers can show you the ADC LMF tonearms. Visit them or write to us for more information.


A BSR Company -- Audio Dynamics Corp. (ADC), Pickett District Rd., New Milford, CT, 06776


(Source: Audio magazine, Sept. 1978; )

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