Koss Auditor headphones (ad, Oct. 1977)

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The new Auditor Series by Koss.

Don't buy one unless your system is ready for it.

The pleasure of listening to unadulterated music is reserved for those who have carefully put together a system that delivers totally accurate reproduction. Now, for people who wish to explore and expand this realm of pure sound, Koss has designed their Auditor Stereo Headphones. Full, state of the art knowledge of perfect mechanical reproduction of music, and the psychoacoustics of the way the ear and mind respond to sound went into making these phones true to the most intense level of performance possible today.

The sound. The Auditor Dynamic/10 features an expansive frequency response range of 10-20,000 Hz, while dazzling any ear attuned to the delicate musical balance of psychoacoustically pleasing sound, in a way no other dynamic phone can Dynamic/10 duplicate. They are designed to deliver the full impact of letter perfect sound reproduction characteristic of the finest equipment.

And the fury. On the other hand, for the most carefully designed and engineered excursion into sound ever, the Koss ESPTM/10 Electrostatic Stereo Headphone is an unparalleled instrument of beauty. It is a perfectly articulated statement of technological and electronic genius so thoroughly sensitive it belongs in a recording studio serving as the last word in monitoring production. The ESP/10's almost boundless frequency response lays out the entire spectrum of sound for your scrutiny, bringing you every spark of timing, a deep, rich flood of bass, and a smooth, clear lake of treble, with every note balanced and defined.

So if you're content to live with the impurities in second best stereo, the Koss Auditors aren't for you. Only the high-end connoisseur who has taken all the necessary steps toward putting together a system that is true to perfection will acknowledge and appreciate these precise products as breakthroughs in scientific musical development. The personal signature of John C. Koss says that these headphones are for the audiophile. So if you're ready for the best, and you think your system can measure up to the Sound of Koss, hear the headphones that are designed to put it to the test at a specialist in audio products near you.

Or write to Fred Forbes, Audiophile Products Division, for more information on the new Auditor Series by Koss.

auditor series, by Koss

KOSS Corporation.

Audiophile Products Division, 412Q N Port Washington Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977 )

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