H.H. Scott, Inc. loudspeakers (ad, Oct. 1977)

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Pure Pleasure.

The True Sound of Scott.

Scott speakers are designed and engineered for listeners who demand the ultimate in true sound reproduction.

All Scott speakers are designed and individually tested for low distortion, flat frequency response and the highest possible efficiency. Their crossover networks are built with low loss capacitors, and coils with exceptionally close tolerances to give you the truest sound possible.


above: Individual Dispersion Control and Frequency Response Switches.

The PRO 100 provides a unique sound dispersion control that allows you to adjust the direction and amount of sound between the upward-firing and front firing drivers. Two additional switches allow you to tailor the high end and midrange frequency response of the speaker to best match your room acoustics.

Three individual position switches allow you to tailor response to best match your own listening environment.


Unlike many other speakers, Scott speakers neither add nor subtract from the original sound. And unlike so many of today's "fad" speakers, they don't distort the original sound for special effect. Nor do they color the sound for an exaggerated response.

Scott speakers provide pure listening pleasure by accurately reproducing music with qualities equivalent to live performances, and with a degree of authenticity limited only by the quality of the record, tape or broadcast signal.

It is this uncommon ability to reproduce sound in a truly natural fashion that has earned Scott speakers their outstanding reputation and critical acclaim.

Listen for yourself. The true sound of Scott is pure pleasure. And true sound is built into every Scott speaker in every price range, from the Bookshelf Series to the distinguished PRO 100 shown here.

For specifications on our complete line of audio components, contact your nearest Scott dealer, or write H.H. Scott, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, 20 Commerce Way, Woburn, MA 01801.

In Canada: Paco Electronics, Ltd., Quebec, Canada.


SCOTT Warranty Identification Card

Warranty Number: 24026

Model: PRO 100 Speakers (2)

Serial Number: 1001374/1001375

Expiration Date: January 1, 1983


Scott's unique, gold warranty card.

Individualized with your warranty, model and serial numbers, and expiration date. Scott's fully transferable, five-year parts and labor-limited warranty is your assurance of lasting pleasure.

Unique Bi-Directional Midrange and Tweeter Arrangement.

Pairs of midrange and tweeter drivers in two planes, one horizontal and one vertical, offer the advantage of steering high frequency distribution to most favorably complement speaker placement and individual listening taste. Unlike many other speaker systems, the Scott PRO 100 is not dependent on the reflecting surface of the listener's walls for its response, and provides a truly omnidirectional effect in any listening environment.

---Upward-firing midrange and high frequency drivers, as well as front-firing drivers, provide an omnidirectional effect that surrounds you with sound.

SCOTT... The Name to listen to.

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(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977)

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