AR (Acoustic Research) loudspeakers (1977 Audio magazine ad)

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Designing a great loudspeaker system is truly an engineering challenge. Solutions don't come easily.

But every so often ... And that's been AR's secret; a quarter-century of innovation and engineering concepts which have influenced speaker design world-wide. Acoustic suspension.

The dome high-range speaker.

And now, the liquid-cooled, high-range speaker.

The problem: High-range speakers are relatively small and generate a lot of heat. The entire system's power handling capacity depends in part on whether or not this heat can be dissipated.

Too much heat. Pop goes your system.

The AR solution: Suspend the voice coil in an exotic magnetic liquid, (it costs nearly $3000 per gallon) to position the voice coil precisely and act as a heat transfer agent.

The result: Greater power handling capacity for every one of the seven-speaker systems in the new AR range.

You'll find them all in fine high fidelity stores, from about $65 to about $450. Listen to them before you buy anything, and define "truth in listening" once and for all.

For information and "specs" pick up our new catalog from your high fidelity dealer or write to us at the address below.


(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1977)

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