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DiscTraker--a revolutionary tonearm damper from Discwasher

Disctracker is a precision damping device that improves the performance of tonearm/cartridge systems by adding a protective cushion between the record and the tracking stylus.

-reduces low frequency resonance that colors the sound of even the best tonearm/cartridge systems on all records.

-reduces record-warp resonance-as witnessed by a dramatic reduction of woofer flutter.

- permits accurate tracking of even badly warped records.

- reduces record wear and stylus damage from warps.

- reduces distortion caused by high velocity groove overload, mistracking and intermodulation.

- adaptable to most tonearms.

Figure 1 shows the amplitude of low frequency resonance in a typical tonearm/cartridge system using a "flat" record.

Figure 2 shows the identical conditions with the Disctraker damping system on the tonearm.

discwasher, inc.

1407 N. Providence Rd.

Columbia , Missouri 65201

(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1977)

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