Infinity speakers (1977 Audio magazine ad)

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Now there's a speaker at $139 ($145 east of the Mississippi) that has actually been compared to our phenomenal $1200 Quantum Line Sources. Our new Qa.

Pedestals optional.

It was conceived with much of the same advanced technology and all of the commitment to excellence that gave birth to the Quantum Line Source.

Both have our EMIT electromagnetic induction tweeters", driven by magnets of the most powerful magnetic material in the world: Samarium Cobalt.

With its extremely low mass, EMIT instantly and accurately follows input signals, combining exquisite detail of mid and high frequencies (to 32,000 Hz), sledgehammer power capability and dispersion to a degree never achieved by electrostatics or conventional drivers.

A special cone treatment and other advances in our low-mass, high-excursion Q-woofer delivers startlingly accurate bass as well as extraordinary midrange the kind associated with 3 and 4-way systems.

Efficiency? You can drive Qa with as little as 15 watts/channel or as much as 150--comfortably.

Now we're not saying that the modest price of the Qa buys you $1200 worth of speaker. But we are suggesting, that you'll be bowled over by the price/ value comparison with QLS. And when you compare Qa with other legendary speakers, a remarkable thing happens. Speakers that used to sound great now sound wrong.

Get over to an Infinity dealer. A toll-free call to 800-423-5244 will tell you who and where he is. Test Qa (and our $180 3-way gem, Qb) with the fire and drive of Dave Grusin on Sheffield, the introspection of Almeida on Crystal Clear, the presence and transparency of Randy Sharp on Nautilus.

Listen for proof: here's everything you'd expect from Infinity.

Except the price.

We get you back to what it's all about. Music.

Infinity Systems, Inc. 7930 Deering Ave. Canoga Park, CA. 91304.

(213) 883.4800 TWX (910) 494-4919

(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1977)

Also see: Infinity Reference Standard V speakers (Jan. 1990)

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