Koss PRO/4 Triple A Stereophones (1977 Audio magazine ad)

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The new Koss PRO/4 Triple A.

© 1977 Koss Corp.

We did it again. We took the incredible sound and precision craftsmanship of the Koss PRO/4AA that has long made it the standard of the industry and made it even better. Because the PRO/4 Triple A's extra large voice coil and oversized Triple A diaphragm reproduce a dynamic, full bandwidth Sound of Koss that carries you back to the live performance like nothing you've ever heard before. You remember it all: the expectant hush of the crowd ... until suddenly ... the night explodes with the glittering splendor of the all engulfing performance. you're drawn to the full blown fundamentals and harmonics of each instrument. To the spine-tingling clarity of the lead singer's magical voice. To the rhythmic kick of the drum and the throbbing of the bass.

You see it and hear it all again, yet you're relaxed at home in your own private realm of listening pleasure.

The PRO/4 Triple A's extra light construction and unique Pneumalite suspension dual headband make wearing them as much of a pleasure as listening to them. And all the while, the Triple A's special, human engineered, direct-contoured Pneumalite earcushions create a gentle yet perfect seal for flat, low bass response to below audibility.

It's a whole new experience in stereophone listening. A new performance standard for those who set their standards high. Write c/o Virginia Lamm for our free full-color stereophone catalog. Or better yet, take your favorite records or tapes to your Audio Dealer and listen to them like you've never heard them before ... live on the new Koss PRO/4 Triple A.

KOSS Stereophones -- hearing is believing

(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1977; )

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