Sonus Blue Label phono cartridge (Dec. 1976)

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In Just a few minutes your "subconscious" tells you they're the best!

An Insidious form of distortion you may not even be aware of, is causing “listening fatigue” as you play your records. After about 15 minutes of a complex, musically demanding record, it shows up. You feel vaguely anxious, irritable, and ready to turn off the music. That's “listening fatigue” virtually eliminated at last with the new Sonus phono cartridges.

You can hear and feel the difference in the time it takes to play one side of a record.

Sonus has reduced Intermodulation and related distortions to previously unachieved levels, reducing these sources of "listening fatigue" to the vanishing point.

As you listen, you discover that the emotional tension formerly caused by this distortion is gone.

The music comes through with an effortless clarity and definition, as you listen with more attention, more relaxation, and far more pleasure than ever before.

The new Sonus cartridges take you closer to an actual performance than any other cartridges have been able to, until now.

"At one gram, the SONUS Blue Label was audibly superior ... the sound was excellent in every respect."

--Stereo Review/Hirsch-Houck Laboratories

High Definition Phono Cartridges for The Most Accurate Sound Reproduction Possible.

Write for further information: SONIC RESEARCH INC. 27 Sugar Hollow Rd., Danbury, Ct. 06810

(Source: Audio magazine, Dec. 1976)

Also see: Sonus -- High Definition Phono Cartridges (Oct. 1977); SONUS Blue Label Phono Cartridge (Equip. Profile, April 1977)

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