Tannoy loudspeakers (Advertisement, Dec. 1976)

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The heritage. A half century of continuous research and production of high fidelity transducers. For fifty years, a standard for the reproduction of music in the most demanding professional environments.

The here and now. A new Tannoy produced in the best tradition of proud craftsmanship. The crowning achievement of our British designers and sound engineers.

Ingenuity. At first glance, the Tannoy appears to be a conventional speaker. It is a great deal more.

It is a fully integrated loudspeaker system. Sound is reproduced, phase coherent, throughout the total audio range from one transducer matrix. Both the high and low frequency drivers are combined within a single, powerful magnetic structure.

The system. The unique combination of the extended low frequency direct radiator, its highly damped cone, the precisely tailored crossover network and the extraordinary phase compensated, wide range horn-loaded high frequency unit, achieves exceptionally linear response--throughout the entire audio spectrum. The system is housed in a rigid, non resonant enclosure that reveals the hand of the master cabinetmaker.

Performance. The Tannoy is highly efficient and remarkably accurate. Music is reproduced with utter naturalness and clarity. Stereo Review listened too:

...smooth and musical ...as easy to listen to as to look at..."

Since Tannoy will only be found in the displays of a limited number of selected dealers of established reputation, won't you write us directly? We'll forward a list of those appointed high fidelity dealers who will be pleased to provide a listening demonstration. We'll include a luxurious, full color brochure with the technical details of each model in the Tannoy line; each an unparalleled loudspeaker system.

1. High frequencies, produced by a specially formed duraluminum diaphragm, are captured and passed through the many throats of a phase compensator.

2. Sound energy, balanced and phase coherent, its rate of flow and frequency/ time relationships meticulously controlled, enters a short, high frequency exponential horn.

3. The curvilinear low frequency cone extends from the exponential horn, providing an unbroken audio spectrum as well as widely dispersed high frequencies.

4. The low frequency cone is a rigid piston, operating from the lowest bass range to one thousand Hertz. At this point, there is a smooth crossover into the range of the high frequency horn which extends beyond audibility.

Tannoy of London, 55 Ames Court, Plainview, N.Y. 11803

(Source: Audio magazine )

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