Nakamichi cassette decks (Ad, Dec. 1982)

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Some Differences Aren't Apparent

Looks are deceiving. The ZX-7 is the standard of professionals, the recorder experts use to evaluate cassette tape, the most versatile deck yet developed. The ZX-9 is its alter ego-a Super-Tuned Edition of the ZX-7an improvement of what already is one of the most extraordinary cassette recorders in the world.

Technically, the improvements lie in two areas: a revolutionary direct-drive transport that eliminates flutter inherent in "conventional" direct drives, and a newly developed direct-coupled amplifier topology. Sonically, these translate into increased clarity-clarity that must be heard to be appreciated for it transcends not only the commonplace but also the exceptional.

We were not the first with a direct-drive transport because we chose to wait until the "direct-drive problem" could be solved. Eliminating the drive belt helps reduce wow, but, without belt filtering, DD motor "cogging" produces high-frequency flutter that destroys clarity. You wouldn't know it from the specs; such flutter is virtually ignored by "weighted" flutter meters.

Nakamichi has never subscribed to the philosophy of "good specs but bad sound:' so, for the ZX-9, we developed a unique Super Linear Torque DD Motor, similar to that used in the TX-1000 Computing Turntable. Both in theory and in practice, its special star-shaped rotor magnetization produces absolutely uniform torque throughout each revolution thus eliminating "motor cog" ZX-9 wow and flutter is a remarkable 0.022% WRMS, 0.045% Wtd Peak.

An identity crisis? Hardly! Each has its place-the ZX-7 for professional performance, the ZX-9 for performance that transcends the state of the art and brings to the most demanding audiophile reproduction heretofore unobtainable. Audition them now at your Nakamichi dealer.


For more information, write Nakamichi U.S.A. Corporation. 1101 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

(Source: Audio magazine, Dec. 1982)

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