B&K Model 850 Color Generator

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(source: Electronics World, Aug. 1963)

B & K

NOW EVERYONE CAN QUICKLY--Set up and Service Color TV

1. PATTERN DISPLAY STANDARD--Shows correct pattern in window viewer for visual guide

2. PATTERN SELECTOR--Produces each pattern individually for quick, easy convergence

3. AUTOMATIC DECONVERGENCE -- Simplifies static and dynamic convergence. No digging into set

4. COLOR SELECTOR -- Produces each color one at a time for accurate color set-up

5. COLOR GUN KILLER -- Automatically enables the technician to actuate any combination of the 3 guns

6. MODULATOR ALIGNMENT -- Makes alignment extremely simple, without going into the color set


Most Complete, Most Versatile, Portable Instrument for Use in the Home and in the Shop Makes Color TV Set-up and Service Easier, Faster than ever!

Now every service technician can be ready to set -up and service color TV with amazing new ease and speed! New advanced design simplifies the entire operation, saves time and work in every installation.

Eliminates difficult steps in digging into the color TV set. Gives you new confidence in handling color.

Produces Patterns, Burst, and Colors Individually--Provides dot pattern, crosshatch, vertical lines, horizontal lines, burst signal, and individual colors--one at a time--on the TV color set--for fastest, easiest check.

Unique window-viewer on front of the instrument panel shows you each pattern and color as it should be--gives you an exclusive display standard to use as a sure guide for quick, visual comparison.

Provides Accurate, Individual Color Display--Produces Green, Cyan, Blue, H-Y, Q, Magenta, R-Y, Red, I, Yellow, and Burst -one at a time. All colors are crystal controlled and are produced by a precision delay-line for maximum accuracy. Each color is individually switch selected-no chance of error.

Provides Accurate NTSC-Type Signal--Color phase angles are maintained in accordance with NTSC specifications.

Makes Convergence and Linearity Adjustments Easy--Highly stable crystal-controlled system with vertical and horizontal sync pulses, assures the ultimate in line and dot stability.

Simplifies Demodulator Alignment--The type of color display produced by this instrument provides the ultimate in simplicity for precise demodulator alignment.

Provides Automatic De-convergence--Eliminates the necessity for continual static convergence adjustments.

The instrument automatically de-converges a white into a color dot trio without digging into the color set to misadjust the convergence magnets. It also de-converges a white horizontal or vertical line into red, green and blue parallel lines. This greatly simplifies dynamic convergence adjustments.

Provides Exclusive Color Gun Killer--Front-panel switch control makes it easy to disable any combination of the three color guns. Eliminates continuous adjustment of the background or screen controls, or connection of a shorting clip inside the receiver. The switch also selects the individual grids of the color tube and connects to a front-panel jack to simplify demodulator alignment.

Provides Switch-Selected R.F. Signals -- Factory tuned, for channels 3, 4, and 5 -for open channel use in your area.

Model 850 also includes other features that make it invaluable for home and shop use. Net, $19995

See Your B&K Distributor or Write for Catalog AP21-N



Canada: Atlas Radio Corp., 50 Wingold, Toronto 19, Ont.

Export: Empire Exporters, 253 Broadway, New York 7, U.S.A.


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