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(source: Electronics World, Dec. 1963)

Portrait of an Early American Electronics Student

The illustrious gentleman pictured above is, of course, Benjamin Franklin, who took time out one day from his full-time career as a diplomat to discover electricity! Now, the Electronic Technology Series offered by Grantham School of Electronics does not go quite back to Mr. Franklin's kite and key experiment, but it does start right at the beginning of the modern subject of electronics. And, it builds from this basic beginning, in a logical step-by-step manner up through the complex theory of the missile age.

The following is a brief description of Grantham's 3-step program for electronics advancement:

FCC LICENSE TRAINING LABORATORY TRAINING ADVANCED TRAINING the first class FCC license is a "diploma" in electronics issued by the U.S. Government. To obtain this license, you must pass a comprehensive electronics examination. Section IA of the Grantham Series qualifies you thoroughly and quickly to obtain this license, which is a "door-opener" to industrial electronics employment and a necessity in many phases of communications electronics.

Men who add equipment experience to their knowledge of electronics theory have an added employment advantage in that they require little or no on–the-job training. Section IB of the Grantham Series gives you this experience in four weeks (160 hours) of intensive, supervised laboratory training. Grantham offers free placement assistance to students when they complete Section IB of the Series.

To continue to grow and advance as an electronics man, you will more than likely need further training. Grantham supplies this advanced electronics training in Section II of the Series.

Section II is designed to be taken after you are employed in electronics, and provides thorough training in such subjects as Microwave, Radar, Computer Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Pulse Circuitry, etc.

Grantham training is available in the classroom, in the laboratory, or by home study. For full details on this proven electronics program, complete and send us the coupon on the right. We will be glad to send you (without charge or obligation) our free 44-page booklet, "CAREERS IN ELECTRONICS." Grantham School of Electronics.




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