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Audience: This Guide is intended for students in electrical trade programs at high schools and community colleges, as well as those in-house and company-based industry-training programs. This Guide assumes that the learner has had little or no prior knowledge of electricity -- but it provides enough comprehensive coverage to be used as a reference tool for experienced electricians.

Subject and Approach: The content itself is presented as a blend of practical and theoretical topics.It not only explains the different concepts relating to electrical theory but also provides many practical examples of how to do many of the common tasks the industrial electrician must perform. We provide plenty of full-color images and line drawings, as well as the offer practical exercises which further serve to clarify theoretical concepts.

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Electrical Occupations


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Static Electricity

Using Wire Tables and Determining Conductor Sizes

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Measuring Instruments

Single-Phase Motors: part 1 -- part 2 -- part 3 -- part 4 -- part 5

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