abc's of TRANSFORMERS and COILS--Contents and Intro


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SECTION 1--Inductance---Definition-History-Classification-Unit of Measurement-Factors Determining Inductance

SECTION 2--Theory---Energy Storage-Counter EMF-Time Constant-Parallel and Series Inductors-Inductive Reactance-Phase Relationships-Impedance Losses and Q

SECTION 3--Construction---Low-Frequency Inductors-Core Saturation-High-Frequency Inductors--Distributed Capacitance--Shielding--Variable Inductors-Toroidal Inductors-Ferrite-bead Inductors

SECTION 4--Applications---Power-Supply Filter Choke-Frequency-Selective Filters-Telemetry - Phase-Controlled Rectifiers-Peaking Coils-High-Voltage Supply TV Applications--Magnetic Amplifiers

SECTION 5--Transformers---Turns Ratio-Voltage Ratio-Current Ratio-Impedance Matching AF Transformers-RF and IF Transformers--Power Transformers Isolation Transformers-Autotransformers--Flyback Transformers

SECTION 6--Testing Inductors and Transformers---Ohmmeter Tests-Voltmeter Tests-Resonance Method-Inductance Bridge-Owen Bridge

SECTION 7--Magnetic Core Memory and Logic---Core Switching-The Shift-Register-Core Logic-Core Transistor Logic


This Guide is based on this 1968 book:


Transformers and coils are basic components used in practically all electronic apparatus. A knowledge of their characteristics and behavior is therefore a prerequisite to a clear understanding of electronic circuitry. Although there is nothing mysterious about the electrical behavior of transformers and coils, there are many incorrect notions about them, even among experienced technicians.

The purpose of this guide is to present the basic concepts in terms that even the beginning student of electronics can easily comprehend. Important mathematical relationships and formulas are presented in the text, but not as a substitute for adequate verbal explanation.

This revised edition of "Understanding Transformers and Coils" has been updated to reflect new developments in core materials and manufacturing techniques. It also contains new sections on toroidal and ferrite-bead inductors, and an added Section on magnetic core memory and logic.

The author expresses acknowledgement and gratitude to the many manufacturers who supplied illustrative material for this guide.

Also see: Practical Electronic Filters (1991)

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