Using Electronics -- through DIY and Experiments (1958) -- Contents and Intro



1. The Nature of Electricity

2. Basic Procedures

3. Antennas and Grounds

4. Radio Components

5. Construction Hints

6. Electronics Experiments

(1) Simple Crystal-Detector Receiver

(2) Crystal-Detector Receiver with Hand Wound Coil

(3) "Emergency" Crystal-Detector Receiver

(4) Crystal-Detector Receiver with Tuned Circuit

(5-9) Simple Transistor Hookups

(10) Single-Transistor Receiver with Hand Wound Coil

(11) Crystal-Detector Receiver with Transistor Amplifier

(12) Two-Transistor Receiver

(13) Two-Transistor Receiver

(14) Two-Transistor Receiver

(15) Single-Transistor Regenerative Detector Receiver

(16) Two-Transistor Regenerative Detector Receiver

(17) Solar Battery Power Supplies

(18) Sound Amplifier

(19) Room-to-Room Communicator

(20) Wireless Broadcast Oscillator

7. How a Vacuum Tube Works

(21) Vacuum-Tube Grid-Leak Detector Receiver

(22) One-Tube Regenerative Receiver

8. How to Learn the Code

(23) Code Practice Oscillator

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About the Author

Harry Zarchy has lived in and around New York all his life. For many years he has taught fine arts, ceramics, and crafts in New York City high schools and to adult groups as well.

He is a man with an amazing number of interests. Fishing, model trains, and music are some of them. He has played the violin, the banjo, guitar, cello, trumpet, and is a free-lance bass player. Working once as a watch maker, he developed a curiosity about old timepieces, which led to a guide, Wheel of Time. He has also worked as a house painter, carpenter, cabinetmaker, counter man in a restaurant, and waiter.

His house is full of electronic gadgets, such as an intercom system and an amateur radio station. He is a licensed "ham" operator and likes to relax by chatting with other amateurs.

Mr. Zarchy makes his home on Long Island with his wife and two children.

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