DENON -- AC DIRECT DRIVE (ad, Jan. 1978)

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The best of both worlds: smoothness of belts, accuracy of direct drive.

AC Direct Drive is an exclusive DENON system that senses the moving platter with a tape-recorder head.

The actual platter speed is then clocked and made perfect-with a smooth-running AC motor.


No DC motor pulsing. No heavy flywheel platter needed for motor smoothing. (A lighter platter means faster starts and quicker response to speed correction as well as less wear on bearings). No cartridge sensing of tiny motor jerks. No belt to wear out.

AC Direct Drive.

On all DENON turntables from $298 to $930.

Distributed by: American Audioport, Inc.

1407 N. Providence Rd., Columbia , MO 65201, USA


(Source: Audio magazine, Jan. 1978)

Also see: Denon moving coil phono cartridge system (ad, Feb. 1979)

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