AR (Acoustic Research) AR-12 loudspeaker -- Advertisement (Feb. 1977)

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The new AR-12 is for people who like their music loud and clean.

With today's rock listening levels requiring several times the output power of a few years ago more rugged loudspeakers must be.

Quilt to convert this added power into clean acoustical energy without destroying either the speakers or your eardrums.

That's why AR's Advanced Development Division designed the new AR-12 to handle double the power of `s predecessors. The long-throw acoustic suspension woofer of the AR-12 allows the wide cone excursions necessary for today's bass-heavy recordings. And its mounted in a larger volume cabinet usually reserved for our more expensive systems to give you accurate reproduction of lowest bass guitar and synthesizer notes as well as organ pedal tones.

The AR-12 midrange driver uses a new 1" coil design with magnetic fluid centering which permits vastly increased power handling capacity while retaining a 2¼” cone with its superior dispersion for uniform listening characteristics throughout the mom. The AR-12 tweeter is the same advanced hemispherical dome design used in our most expensive systems, and it also shares magnetic fluid design for crystal clear reproduction of the "hot" highs prevalent in today's recordings.

Not only does the AR-12 set a new design standard for clean reproduction at high power levels, but like all AR loudspeakers, each AR-12 is tested to perform to within 1 dB of this standard, the same tolerance applied to professional microphones.

The audible result of this dedication to excellence is described by International Musician and Recording World as follows: The depth and clarity was exceptional and I can honestly say that I heard things in the recordings I had not heard before despite many listenings ...

So if you like your music loud and clean we invite you to take your favorite recording to your AR dealer and ask him to play it through AR-12 loudspeakers using the most powerful electronics he has in his sound room. We think you'll find the effortless accuracy of the AR-12 the sound you want to live with.

Write to us for complete information on the loud and clean speakers from AR and a list of demonstrating dealers in your area.


1C American Drive Norwood, MA 02062, USA.

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1977)

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