Technics turntables (ad, Feb. 1978)

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Last year, Technics gave you everything you wanted in direct drive.

This year we're giving you less.

Introducing three new Technics turntables: The SL-1600 automatic the SL-1700 semi-automatic and the SL-1800 manual. All with the Technics direct-drive system. The system FM stations use and discos abuse! And all with performance specs even better than last year's.

Less Acoustic Feedback.

This year we cid more to give you less acoustic feedback With Technics double-isolated suspension system. A floating system that not only damps out external vibrations at the base but also from the platter and tonearm. Combined with our new sensitive gimbal-suspension tonearm, it dramatically reduces feedback. Even at high music levels.

Less Wow & Flutter.

Amplified, even the smallest fluctuations in platter speed can be your biggest problem. So this year with a B-FG speed stabilizer built into our 321-element one-chip IC, you get infinitesimal wow and flutter, equal go Technics professional level. An incredible 0.025% WRMS.

Less Rumble.

The less noise your turntable makes, the more music you hear. That's why professionals loved Technics last year. This year, we're even more lovable, because there's even less rumble: -73dB (DIN B) so be exact.

For Less Money.

Even with features like oil-damped cueing. A computer-analyzed S-shaped universal tonearm with anti-skate control. Pitch controls variable by 10%. And detachable dust cover. Technics turntables cost less this year than last.

Technics. We're giving you less. And that means you're getting more.

Technics by Panasonic.

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1978)

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