Shure phono cartridges (ad, Feb. 1979)

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fact: dramatic freedom from distortion comes to a mid-priced cartridge: the new Shure M95HE...

the Shure M95HE

an affordable, audible improvement

One of the critically acclaimed advances introduced in Shure's incomparable V15 Type IV pickup is its revolutionary and unique distortion-reducing Hyperelliptical stylus. Now, you can enjoy this standard of sound purity in a new, ultra-flat frequency response, light tracking, high trackability cartridge that will not tax your budget: the new Shure Model M95HE.


the Hyperelliptical stylus tip

The Hyperelliptical nude diamond tip configuration represents a significant advance in tip design for stereo sound reproduction. As the figures show, its "footprint" (represented by black oval) is longer and narrower than the traditional Biradial (Elliptical) tip-groove contact area.

Because the Hyperelliptical footprint geometry is narrower than both the Biradial and long-contact shapes such as the Hyperbolic, it is pre-eminent for reproduction of the stereo-cut groove.

a measurable drop in distortion

As a result of the optimized contact area of the Hyperelliptical tip, both harmonic distortion (white bars in graph above) and intermodulation distortion (black bars) are dramatically reduced.

Upgrade your present M95

If you already have a Shure M95 Series Cartridge, you can improve its freedom from distortion right up to the standards of the new M95HE cartridge simply by equipping it with a Model N95HE stylus. The cost is extraordinarily low--yet the difference in sound will be immediately apparent. Takes only seconds to install--requires no tools whatsoever.

M95HE cartridge & N95HE stylus

Shure Brothers Inc., 222 Harley Ave., Evanston, IL 60204

Manufacturers of high fidelity components, microphones, sound systems and related circuitry.

(adapted from Audio magazine, Feb. 1979)

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