Revox B760 tuner (advertisement, Feb. 1980)

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Revox B760.

One touch tunes it.


Now there's a tuner that works as accurately as a radio transmitter and as easily as a car radio.

You can tune the B760 manually in increments of 25 or 50kHz, or program up to 15 stations in memory for instant selection.

Just touch a button for the station you want, and in less than a second the muting light goes off and the digital readouts and tuning meters confirm your station selection.

Both memory and manual tuning are controlled by an advanced digital-frequency synthesizing circuit with a differential phase-locked loop that compares the output of the master oscillator with a quartz crystal reference frequency. If there's any difference, corrections are made instantaneously, maintaining an accuracy of ±0.005% . (That's better than many radio stations can achieve!)

The B760's CMOS memory is so sophisticated that it can automatically direct an antenna rotator toward each memorized station, and even has a battery pack to protect the memory if you unplug the tuner or lose AC power.

Other features include an optional plug-in Dolby circuit board, oscilloscope outputs to help you minimize multipath distortion, selectable 25, 50 or 75 microsecond FM de emphasis, adjustable-threshold interstation muting, a headphone jack with level control and a high-blend switch to optimize reception of distant stations.

It's all put together with attention to detail and durability for which the Studer Revox company is so well known. With things like plug-in circuit boards, RF shields plated to resist oxidation and even a coaxial delay line to maintain proper phase, everything is made just a bit better than it has to be.

Because we want everything to be perfect.

Studer Revox America, Inc., 1819 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203, USA.

(615) 329-9576

Offices: Los Angeles (213) 780-4234; New York (212) 255-4462

In Canada: Studer Revox Canada, Ltd.

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