ADS (Analog & Digital Systems) loudspeakers ad (March 1985)

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A pair of winners

ADS presents two best-sellers.

Some facts. And a smattering of opinion.

The ADS L1290

Woven soft-dome tweeter. Benefit: extended high frequency response with low coloration.

1. Tweeter uses high gravity magnetic cooling fluid.

Two-inch soft-dome mid-range. Benefit: exceptional smoothness in critical middle frequencies. Uniform dispersion. Crisp, precise, stereo imaging.

2. Two 8-inch Linear Drive woofers for superb bass response and high output. Each driver mounted in its own acoustic suspension enclosure.

3. Imported walnut cabinet. Also available in matte black.

4. Inside the cabinet: a crossover network built of computer-grade components.

Below and behind: amplifier recess built into cabinet so the bi-amp option can be installed neatly.

Stifflite woofer cones, with high rigidity-to-mass ratio produce quick transient response.

The bottom line: "...unusually flat and smooth response over the full audio range and half an octave beyond, excellent dispersion ... bass distortion lower than that of any common program source except a digital tape or disc."---Stereo Review

The ADS 300

Superbly compact mini-speaker (ADS invented the "mini" and while others have followed we have yet to be topped.) Same soft-dome tweeter technology as larger ADS speakers.

5. Same woofer technology incorporating butyl rubber surround, Stifflite woofer cone.

6. Same high-accuracy crossover technology.

Characteristic, uncolored ADS sound.

"... best mini speaker I have yet heard. Well worth double the price in sonic excellence alone." --- Audio Ideas

No short-cuts taken.

No stone unturned.

ADS goes to extraordinary lengths to build fine audio components for home and car. Write for literature and name of your nearest dealer to Rita Stein (our literature expert) at ADS, (Analog & Digital Systems) 553 Progress Way, Wilmington, MA, 01887.

(Source: Audio magazine, March. 1985)

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