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Yamaha, the industry leader...leads again!

When we set out to improve on our industry-acclaimed receivers, we knew we had a tough task ahead of us.

How do you top being the first in such precedent setting developments as built-in moving coil head amps, negative feedback MPX demodulators, pilot signal cancellation circuits, and the same amazingly low distortion throughout our entire tine? After much continuing research, effort and unique care in design, we have the answer. It's called the CR-2040 the first in Yamaha's new line of receivers that does what only Yamaha could do. Outdo ourselves.

Unique continuously variable turnover tone controls. This unique Yamaha innovation gives you the tonal tailoring characteristics of both a parametric and a graphic equalizer. Without the added expense of having to purchase either. For instance, in addition to boosting or cutting We bass control ± 10c B, you can also vary the turnover frequencies between 100 & 500 Hz to compensate for speaker deficiencies, room anomalies, etc., for unparalleled tonal tailoring flexibility.

Built-in moving coil head amp. More and more listeners are discovering the beautiful experience of music reproduced with a moving coil cartridge, such as Yamaha's newly introduced MC-1X and MC-1S. Discover this exquisite pleasure for yourself with the CR-2040's built-in moving coil head amp. This ultra-low-noise head amp provides an ultra-quiet 86dB S/N ratio to assure you of capturing all the high-end detail and imaging the MC experience affords. All you'll miss is the extra expense and added noise of an outboard head amp or step-up transformer.

Independent input and record out selectors. If you're a tape recording enthusiast, this feature is something You won't want to be without. It lets you select the signal from ore program source to send to the REC OUT terminals for recording while you listen through your speakers to an entirety different program chosen on the INPUT selector. You can also dub from one tape to another even while listening to an entirely different program. It's another example of why Yamaha is the industry leader. We build in what the others can't even figure out.

Continuously variable loudness contour. This control compensates for the ear's decreased sensitivity to bass and treble tones at low-volume levels.

And you're not just limited to compensation at only one specific volume setting as with other manufacturers' on/off-type loudness switches. The Yamaha continuously variable loudness contour assures you of full, accurate fidelity at any volume setting you choose. Another Yamaha exclusive!

Automatic operation. Without a doubt, the Yamaha CR-2040 is one of the most automated receivers in audio history. Instead of fiddling with dials and meters, you can sit back and let the automatic circuits do the wore. Or, if you choose, manually override the circuits. Take the AUTO-DX circuit, for instance.

We developed IF bandwidth switching for our world acclaimed CT-7003 tuner. Now we've gone even further by improving this circuit so the receiver automatically chooses 7he correct bandwidth (local or DX) for the least noise. Working with this circuit is the AUTO BLEND circuit which eliminates annoying FM hiss to make previously unlistenable stations more clearly audible. All without your lifting a finger. And Yamaha's exclusive OTS (Optimum Tuning System) automatically locks in and holds the desired station when you release the tuning knob.

Advanced circuitry. All these advanced features are backed by the most advanced internal circuitry imaginable. Like the auto tracking pilot signal canceller. Yamaha invented pilot signal cancellation and now we've improved it farther. A special circuit not only senses the incoming 19kHz pilot signal (which is a part of FM broadcasts), it also automatically tracks any signal fluctuation which might occur. This assures you of complete pilot signal cancellation for interference-free FM listening. Yamaha does it again! The all DC power amp section pours out a massive 120 wafts per channel, both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz, with THD and I.M. an astronomically low 0.02%. That's a nee low, even for Yamaha. And to keep tabs on all this pure power there's a twin LED power-monitoring system-green to indicate half power, red to indicate an overload condition.

The tuner section has a Yamaha-exclusive Direct Current-Negative Feedback--PLL MFX IC providing excellent phasing of the high frequencies for superb stereo separation and clearer sound. Our efforts to bring you the finest sound possible know no limits.

Human engineering. As incredibly advanced and complex as the CR-2040 is, it is incredibly simple to operate. The front panel is arranged in a clean and logical manner with the larger primary operational controls located on the central forward panel, and the smaller tone-tailoring controls located on the lower panel. It takes a minimum of effort to set up the CR-2040 for maximum listening pleasure.

The functionally beautiful front panel is complemented by the beautifully functional ebony grain veneer cabinet. The elegant appearance of ebony is the perfect finishing touch to the extraordinary CR-2040. And the CR-2040 is just one of a whole new line of receivers from Yamaha. Each one offers, in its class, the ultimate in features, performance and pure musical pleasure. Visit your local Yamaha Audio Specialty Dealer and see and hear for yourself how we've outdone ourselves. He's listed in the Yellow Pages. Or write us:

Yamaha, Audio Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622, USA.

From Yamaha, naturally.

(Source: Audio magazine, Aug. 1979)

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