Hitachi Unitorque direct-drive turntable (Aug. 1979)

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Absolutely even torque through a full 360 degrees


DC Direct-Drive Motor vs. Unitorque Motor

Conventional direct-drive motor vs. Hitachi's Unitorque motor

Graphic Illustration: Simulation of basic form of motor torque


Unitorque direct-drive turntable

Hitachi's HT-356 Semi-Automatic Turntable is the epitome of accuracy. Its patented Unitorque motor has two star-shaped stator coils arranged for precise balance, even torque distribution and low temperature rise. Brushless, coreless and slotless, it eliminates cogging and vibration. And this direct drive marvel features quartz-locked control to keep platter speed free from deviation or drift, regardless of changes in load, temperature or line voltage.

Quartz is the most accurate frequency generating element known to man. Coupled with Unitorque's inherent smoothness, it leads to extremely low wow and flutter and virtually unmeasurable turntable rumble. 0.03% WRMS and a S/N ratio of 75 dB (DIN B). This impressive performer also has front-mounted controls for full operation with the dust cover down.

The Hitachi HT-356. It's the accurate choice.

The New Leader in Audio Technology

HITACHI--Audio Component Division, Hitachi Sales Corp. of America, 401 West Artesia Boulevard, Compton. CA 90220; (213) 537-8383, Extension 228

(Source: Audio magazine, Aug. 1979)

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