Hitachi turntables (Sept. 1977)

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Brushless. Slotless. And Coreless. For flawless direct -drive operation.

Hitachi's Unitorque Motor. Hitachi's Unitorque motor turntable is unlike any other turntable in the world.

Brushless. Slotless. And coreless. It uses two star-shaped flat coils for balancing and distributing torque evenly.

The unitorque motor is a non-commutator DC servo motor with an 8-pole rotary magnet and flat, square coil configuration. The construction is completely free from brushes, slots and cores, and free from motor "cogging" or pulsations. In fact the performance is so perfect...tests show wow and flutter at 0.025%, an almost 40% improvement over conventional motors. The torque generated is even, balanced, almost flawless.

And when you generate flawless torque, you not only get flawless speed.

You get what you really want in a turntable.

Flawless music.

HITACHI--When a company cares, it shows.

(Source: Audio magazine, Sept. 1977)

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