Jensen Sound Laboratories (Ad, Aug. 1979)

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Stan Getz listened to us.

He's a world famous jazz musician.

After he listened to the System B, a 4-way, 5 driver loudspeaker system, this is what he said: "This speaker doesn't pretty up or muddy up the sound. I like sound that's bright and natural. That's what the System B gives me:' The reason the sound is "natural" is because we've done everything possible to minimize distortion and provide smooth, broad, frequency response.

We've painstakingly designed each individual driver component for the greatest possible clarity.

We've carefully selected each crossover frequency to isolate the resonance of each driver at least a full octave below its crossover region. This together with our Impedance-Compensated Crossover Network, completely eliminates distortion at the critical crossover frequencies.

As a result, the sound comes through bright" and "natural:' You don't have to run a great amount of power through the System B in order to get wide dynamic range, either.

The System B has the power handling capacity to produce an incredible 115 dB of sound pressure at its 150 watt rating.

Normally, high efficiency goes hand in-hand with insufficient bass response.

That's not the case with System B. It blends extremely efficient drivers with a vented enclosure.

The vent works closely with the low frequency driver to extend the bass response downward to the limit of recorded music.

There's much more to this amazing speaker system than it's possible to describe in detail here.

That's a good reason for you to go to your Jensen Home Audio Dealer for a demonstration.

After all, your ears are the ultimate test.

But one more word from the master, Stan Getz.

"I like to hear sound as it is. I don't like prettied-up sounds where you put everything through a powder puff. These speakers give me accurate sound:' Listen to the Jensen System B in person.

Improved bass response as the result of the low frequency driver and vent working together.

Stan Getz did. He liked what he heard.

So will you.

Listen with the professionals.

Listen to JENSEN speakers.


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(Source: Audio magazine, Aug. 1979)

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