Stanton Magnetics (Advertisement, Sept. 1978)

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Let's set the record straight! Stanton has had it all for more than 15 years.

The 881S has been acclaimed worldwide as the finest cartridge available. It embodies a unique combination of features developed by Stanton.

After all, it was Stanton who pioneered the first Magnetic Stereo Cartridge as well as the first CD-4 pickup produced in the United States.


1. Record Static Elimination System

Every Stanton cartridge for the last 15 years has featured a patented stylus assembly which neutralizes the atmosphere surrounding the diamond stylus and discharges record static harmlessly into the grounded record playing system.

A. Eliminates harmful static electricity at the record.

B. Eliminates static clicks and pops at the loudspeaker.

C. Enables the brush to do a proper cleaning job.

D. Permits the use of an Ungrounded Brush.

E. Eliminates electrostatic dust attraction to the stylus tip.

2. "Longhair" Brush

Its independently hinged action does not interfere with the tracking force of the stylus while its tapered nylon bristles clean the grooves in front of the stylus. Stanton developed it in 1966.

A. Cleans records efficiently.

B. Damps tonearm resonance.

C. Improves low frequency tracking.

D. Dynamically stabilizes tonearm system.

E. Aids in playback of warped records.

3. Stereohedron Stylus Tip

Patented in 1976, the Stereohedron stylus tip has a far greater bearing radius and more contact area with the groove.

A. Exceptional frequency response.

B. Superior protection of high frequency signals in the groove.

C. Longer record life.

D. Longer stylus life.

E. Better tracing ability.

4. High Energy Rare Earth Magnet

First introduced by Stanton in early 1977, this type of magnet enabled the complete miniaturization of the stylus assembly and tip mass. It is the beginning of a whole new generation of cartridges.

A. Outstanding tracking ability.

B. Unequaled transient response.

C. Higher output with one tenth the mass of ordinary magnets.

D. Superior tracing ability.

(Source: Audio magazine, Sept. 1978 )

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