Allison Acoustics loudspeakers (Oct. 1977)

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Press comment: "The overall sound quality of the ALLISON:THREE was exceptionally clean and clear, with excellent definition. There were no signs of strain; distortion was very low, even at substantial power levels. --- STEREO Vol.10, No.2, Spring 1977.

"On our pure-tone tests, the ALLISON: THREE proved to be one of the lowest-distortion bass reproducers that we've come across. There was no evidence of midrange or tweeter buzzing either.

"In its price range, we'd match the ALLISON: THREE with the best systems we've auditioned, and we wouldn't hesitate to compare it favorably with many loudspeakers that are considerably more expensive.

"All drivers are of Allison manufacture and appear exceptionally rugged.

"We'd like to digress for a moment and comment on this manufacturer's literature. Simply stated, it's the best we've seen. Loudspeakers generally come with a paucity of information, and what there is of it is frequently "hyped." This is hardly the case with Allison ... If we were to give a "consumer-protection" award to a speaker manufacturer, our candidate would be Allison Acoustics." A reprint of the entire review and our informative product catalog are available on request.

Allison Acoustics

7 Tech Circle, Natick, Massachusetts, 01760.

(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977 )

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