Thorens IsoTrack turntables (advertisement, Oct. 1977)

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Remember the plug-in-shell? Thorens Isotrack Series Turntables proudly introduce the Plug-In Arm.

Thorens introduces an exciting new tonearm design to complement its highly sophisticated, new manual turntable series. Thorens has eliminated the headshell and its collar connection by incorporating the headshell and tonearm rod in a straight tubular design only 7.5 grams in effective tonearm mass.

This reduction in mass (up to 50% that of other tonearms) reduces the inertial forces that affect stylus pressure. Tracking is improved, distortion lowered and stylus and record life are extended. Thorens Isotrack tonearm assures optimum performance with the newest, light weight, high-compliance pick-up cartridges.

The accent is on quality

The high-speed stability and silent operation of the belt-driven 16-pole synchronous motor is a tribute to Thorens traditionally advanced engineering. The natural elasticity of the belt filters motor vibrations from reaching the platter, and therefore, the pick-up stylus. In more than twenty years of continuous development, and the manufacture of nearly one-million Thorens turntables, Thorens has brought its belt drive design to a level of technical perfection not approached by any other drive system known today.

Thorens Isotrack turntables featuring the "mini-mass" tonearm now at your Thorens Isotrack series Dealer, or for further details write:

ELPA MARKETING INDUSTRIES, INC. East: Thorens Bldg., New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040; West: 7301 East Evans Road, Scottsdale, Ariz. 85260.

(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977 )

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