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To own the finest cartridge and headphone available today ... is as simple as AKG.

Start with your records. They are expensive.

Treat them to the tender care of an AKG PHONO CARTRIDGE. Its patented Transversal single-point suspension provides greatly reduced mass...thus a minute tracking force. Total performance features such as: low intermodulation distortion, unexcelled transient response, full frequency range and unwavering depth (imagery) perception, place them in a class above other phono cartridges. There's a range to choose from. Then...finish with your ears. They are discerning and critical, and will eventually drive you to AKG HEADPHONES. Why not now? Each model is bio-acoustically engineered, lightweight, comfortable to wear. Take the K-240. Its combination of microphone derived transducers and "passive" diaphragms produce sound almost indistinguishable from the "real" thing. The K-140 retains some of the K-240 features and at a mid-range price, provides hard-to-beat stereo headphone reproduction. The K-40 is a more economical version of the K-140. Listen to ours... before you purchase anyone else's. At your local AKG dealer.

...the mark of professional quality.

(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1977)

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